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Powerful Mentorship

God-centered, with ten years experience as coach for positive transformation in body, mind and spirit I have helped thousands of individuals transcend towards their potential.

The 5-Phase Fasting Blueprint

FASTING FORWARD's practical foundations are based solidly in science and the latest proven research combined with the intention and lessons from the Bible. Tried. Tested. Triumphant.

Save Money

It is very possible to offset your costs by water-only fasting as you eliminate the cost of food while participating in this program. 

Fitness While Fasting

Contrary to popular belief, you can workout when you are fasting. You get a simple framework to follow during your fast if you choose to continue working out.

Modules & Facebook Group

The Fasting Forward online content portal is full of modules for learning, applying fasting and practical exercises to transform the way you live and think. Between the supportive structure of our portal, our accountability groups and my proactive coaching, I am looking after you and our whole community so we can succeed together.

Live Streaming Q&A's

Live streaming group coaching calls to answer all your questions and offer support, guidance and strategies to help you powerfully show the challenges emerge.

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💧We are using The Fasting Forward Fasting Blueprint to master water-only fasting which is one of the MOST TRANSFORMATIVE ACTIONS WE CAN TAKE IN THIS LIFE.

💧I will guide you through each of the essential 5 Phases. Helping you to sidestep the mistakes & challenges faced by most when attempting fasting.

💧The Priming Phase, where we will eat strategically to prepare for the fast, will begin Friday, March 1st and will continue through Tuesday March 5th.

💧On Wednesday March 6th, the water only fast will begin. Your body is perfectly primed for it.

💧Each person will embark on this fasting challenge for a time appropriate to them. Regardless of our unique durations, we will each journey through self- awareness, enhancement & ultimately empowerment.  

💧A comprehensive plan will be provided for what to do during the fast, for how to break the fast, and for optimized reintegration afterward.

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💧For people who only care about losing weight. 

💧For anyone committed to yoyo-dieting, deprivation, body-angst or staying stuck. It's time to wave that all goodbye.

💧Offering a simple start & finish date to fast with a group. Far from it! You will gain expert knowledge & insights that will make fasting repeatable, sustainable & enjoyable... for life.

💧For people who are not willing to go face to face with the things in life that are holding them back.

💧Where judgements and disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. First strike is grounds to be removed from the group.

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💧You're ready to receive the proven guidance to ensure you breakthrough your perceived limits.

💧You feel your soul yearning for a clearer, more powerful connection to God.

💧You're ready to create your divine body. To feel leaner, stronger & clearer.

💧You're ready to spiritually, physically & energetically thrive.

💧You're ABSOLUTELY ready to experience how you can fast while experiencing enhanced focus, connection and clarity.

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💧You are not willing to step into the unknown to claim your potential

💧You want to stay stuck in your current state & story.

💧If you have type 1 Diabetes

💧Pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or nursing mothers

💧You want to continue to experiencing fasting with hunger pains, muscle wastage, brain fog & zero energy.

 💧Essentially DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM if you want to experience fasting as energetically & emotionally draining, hard or impossible!

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💧The 5 phase Fasting Forward blueprint laid out beautifully in an easy to access online platform.

💧 Crucial education that you will be able to practically apply to this program and your entire life.

💧3 Live Streaming Video/Chat sessions together as a team and accessible after for anyone who missed it.

💧A clear strategy and the complete structure to all 5 phases.

💧 Support & Motivation from me and within your accountability groups.

💧 Access to a closed Facebook Group for Q&A and sharing.

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It's time. Step into deeper connection, clarity, ease & grace. 

Get ready to:
Elevate your connection to GOD, Cut the Strongholds, Increase Energy & Mental Clarity, Conquer Hunger & Emotional Eating, Cellular Detox, Reset your Immune System, Reduce Inflammation, Cleanse your Digestive System, Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Lose Weight, Amplify your Spirit..

+ So much MORE!

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"With 20 years experience in health, fitness, & nutrition... I was blown away & humbled by how much I learnt from Evan about fasting! He is indeed the expert in this unbelievably important space. Further to that, as he truly walks the way of Christ in life, he will guide, support & unconditionally love you like no other. You are in the very best of hands""

Marina Perry
Founder Pure Health Clubs & Self Sovereignty Coach

"As a productivity coach, I value clarity of mind. Not only has fasting allowed me to completely change my body composition, but I feel more focused and connected to my truth than ever before in my life. I never would have imagined that I could workout while fasted and feel this amazing."

Demir Bentley
Productivity Coach & Trainer at Demir & Carey Bentley - Lifehack Bootcamp

"I’d done several water fasts unassisted and it was a struggle. I would experience extreme side effects such as severe indigestion, strong urge to vomit and body aches. This is when I decided to seek some advice from Evan. I loved that he incorporated all aspects of wellbeing- mind, body and soul. Evan's philosophy resonated deeply with me, the fact that he believes in creating the Divine body, which he showed me comes from mastery of the mind and a deepening connection to the soul. Evan instructed me to feel into the body, acknowledge pain or emotional disturbances and work through what was arising for me whilst staying grounded, soft and relaxed within myself. It may be shocking to hear this, but once you break into your fat reserves for energy potential, you feel balanced, alert, and focused. Your ability to concentrate, do work and take care of loved ones actually improves! If you are like me and stuck in inaction or trying to level up, get into contact with Evan! He is brilliant."

Lisa Ainsworth
Fasting Forward Beta Program Participant
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Frequently Asked Questions

about water fasting in general...

Not at all.

The world record for the longest fast is over 380 days!

The human body was designed to fast. Quite oppositely, we are more likely to die sooner from not fasting.

Clinical data overwhelmingly stating otherwise.

With the Fasting Forward Blueprint and the support you'll receive in this program, you will have every tool at your disposal to fast and thrive.

This is one of the biggest tell tale signs that you need to fast.

The hangry feeling comes from a dip in blood sugar after meals due to your body being constantly shifting due to insulin secretion and over secretion.

Fasting improves insulin function and sensitivity which is the most important area to focus on regarding reducing body fat stores.

Learning and using my Fast Formula will mean you can wave goodbye to ‘Hangry’ for good...many don’t believe it’s possible, but soon learn it is!

It may be surprising to read, but it is possible to be malnourished even if you are eating every day. There are two major types:

1. Micronutrient deficiency: You may be malnourished through a vitamin or mineral deficiency

2. Protein-energy malnutrition: when your body does not have enough amino acids and/or calories in general which would also likely bring along micronutrient deficiencies.

Protein utilization when fasting drastically slows down as the body transitions from glucose to ketones for energy utilization.

Therefore, if you know you suffer from symptoms of being malnourished, then fasting shouldn't be considered till you are back in balance.

In Fasting Forward, we prime the body before the fast which includes a focus on micronutrients and slowing down protein utilization.

Fasting is purposeful and initiated with an intent of sacrifice for a greater purpose. Fasting takes place when a body is not already in a state of starvation or malnourishment.

Starvation is a state of extreme malnourishment where nutrients are not available to consume, so the body becomes catabolic, using muscle for fuel.

In the first question above, there is a mention of the world record holder for days fasted. Angus Barbieri fasted for OVER 380 days and did not starve to death because he had enough body fat to spare.

The general point to make is, if you have body fat to spare, then its not likely you will reach a point of starvation during a fast.

All my questions answered. I'm ALL IN.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Fasting Forward...

Everyone will be fasting for their own unique experience so each will enter the program without an expectation for completed time fasted. Instead we will focus on the daily experience.
Some people may fast for 2 days and others may go to 14 or more. Either way, there will be transformational gifts of awareness and opportunities to work towards your own unique potential.

Yes. You will have access to and understand the Phase 4: Bridging module before you start your fast. This includes what you need to know and what to do.

It may be shocking to hear this, but once you break into your fat reserves for energy potential, you feel balanced, alert, and focused. Your ability to concentrate, do work and take care of loved ones actually improves!

When you hear of people not being able to function through a fast, it is due to one of the following issues, not because of fasting itself:

1. Being electrolyte depleted - we address this in the Foolproof Fasting Formula.

2. Not drinking enough water

3. Allowing negative emotions and thoughts to take over focus and control, manifesting dis-ease without food to blanket them.

Yes. It is actually suggested that you continue the kind of physical activities that you are already doing. Your stamina and endurance may change, but using our Fitness While Fasting module, you'll be prepared and in the know!

All of my questions are answered. I'm ALL IN.

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